Approval of the Procedure for Crediting Hours of First Aid Training and Verification of First Aid Knowledge

Approve the order of admission to first aid training as of 01.01.2023.

If a student presents a document of completion of first aid training issued by another driving school or institution, the first aid training course for vehicle drivers can be accepted provided all the following conditions are met:

  1. The document must indicate that it is first aid training;
  2. The instructor's name is to be stated in the certificate of first aid training. The first aid instructor for a vehicle driver must be registered as a medical professional in the national registry of medical workers (Road Traffic Act, §119);
  3. The volume of the first aid training course – 16 hours;
  4. The student undergoes a verification of first aid knowledge. The knowledge test is considered positively passed if at least 90% of the answers are correct;
  5. The student has paid for the training time according to the price list.

In case the conditions in points 1-5 are not met, the student must undergo the respective first aid training.