Article 10. Signals of the controller
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The raised hand of the controller prohibits the movement of road users. If the controller raises his hand up and indicates a stopping place, road users must stop immediately. If at the moment of signaling a vehicle is at an intersection or pedestrian crossing, its driver should continue moving.
The horizontally stretched hand (hands) of the controller towards prohibits road users from moving in the direction opposite to the stretched hand (hands) of the controller; if the controller then lowers the hand (hands), movement of drivers and pedestrians from his chest or back side is prohibited.
Movement is allowed in the direction of the swings. Movement to the right, straight, left, or U-turn is allowed.
Reduce speed.
Stop the vehicle at the specified location.
Signal for stopping given from the car. • and/or using a loudspeaker.
The driver moving ahead must stop • On the right shoulder; • At the right edge of the roadway.